One, Two, Three; How to Make a Logo Design Free?

Having problems on how to make a logo design? Don’t know where to start and what colors, text and images to use?

A logo defines your brand image. Whether the business is big or small, they all need a logo to define its existence. Since it’s an image that the customers see the most in your brand, it is important to give its creative process a little extra care.

Here are a few basic steps on how to make a logo design:

1. Brainstorm:

The whole process to make a logo design starts with this simple step, brainstorming. And no one can do it better than you. The best way to brainstorm for a logo design is to take a pencil and paper and start drawing over 20 images that would effectively represent you brand. Your business logo can consist of the first letter of your brand name or use an image form to represent your brand. But before you start to make a logo design, just ask yourself this basic question:

2. Where will your logo be used?

You should have a clear idea on what mediums will your logo be used before you start making a logo. Your brand logo should be flexible enough to be used on your products, your letterhead, business cards etc.

How to Make a Logo Design

3. Now start the drawing process:

There are three main constitutes to make logo design; which are the colors, the text and the images. Let’s take a look at all of them.

  1. How should the text and colors be?
How to Make a Logo Design

There are different ways how you can represent the text in your logo design. For example, in case of the text, you can decide whether to take the whole brand name in your logo or only to use the first or second letter of your brand name. Many of the successful brands only use one or two letters as their brand logos. This adds an air of sophistication to the brand logo but you can use all the creativity in the letter. For example you can use straight fonts or use the 3d effect. Also use the font type according to your industry. Use straight fonts like Times Roman or Bodini if you belong to a corporate industry and use curvy fonts like French Script or Curlz MT if you’re designing a logo for a creative company.

Make sure that you go with the psychology of colors in your logo designs. Different colors have a different effect on people’s emotion and it is important that your logo design respects the color psychology.  For example, it is usually observed that the social media websites use the color blue in their logo designs and the food industry use the colors red and yellow in their brand logo. That is because reds and yellow signify energy and enthusiasm while blue depicts serenity and calmness.

How to Make a Logo Design
  1. How should the images be?

While some logos put emphasis on the font, there are others that use images to represent their brand. Different industries use different type of images in their logo designs. For example, in case of the resorts and restaurants, the popular trend seen is the use of illustrations to describe the uniqueness of their restaurant. In case of corporate businesses, they just use a small abstract image in their logos. The usual trend observed is that creative industries use images in their logos while formal, corporate industries tend to resort to small abstract designs for their logos.

How to Make a Logo Design

Now that you have the logo design ready, you can get it printed over your merchandise and give your brand a beautiful face. Just remember to use vector graphics in the creation process so that your logo looks good even when resized. Remember, a happy logo is a happy brand.