All about the Different Types of Logo Designs

Logo is the name, symbol, badge, emblem or a graphical symbol that aids you to convey the message of your business, company or brand to the customers. The main purpose of a logo is to promote your business identity to the target audience. A logo design with thought-provoking attitude can certainly give your business an edge over the competitors; consequently, the customers will start recognizing your business with that competitive advantage.

Are you small business owner who is struggling to acquire a good logo for your business so that customers can recognize your business with quite ease? There are three logo types from which you would have to decide a logotype that you require for your business. Here are the details about different types of logo which will help you in deciding an appropriate logotype for your business:              

Different Types of Logo Designs – Iconic/Symbolic Logo: You can either acquire an iconic or a symbolic logo to portray your business image to the customers. However, you should try to acquire an iconic/symbolic logo for your business in a way that compels the customers to interact with your business.

Logo types example iconic logo design

Here is the list of elements which an iconic or a symbolic logo should have:

  1. Symbol should be instantaneously recognizable.
  2. You should use a memorable icon for your logo
  3. Symbol or icon used in a logo design should be reproducible.
  4. It should represent the nature of your business.

Example: Olympics Logo

Different Types of Logo Designs – Word-Mark/Text-Only Logo: Another way of coming up with a logo design is that you acquire a text-only logo with stylized type fonts if you really want to make impression about your business to the customers.

Logo types example word mark logo design

Script fonts will work well if you want to portray the seriousness and formality about your business to the customers. Bold fonts will work well to portray the strength of your business.

Example: Ray-Bans Logo         

Different Types of Logo Designs Combination Marks: Last category regarding the different types of logo design includes combination marks. Combination marks will require you to utilize text along with graphical symbol.

Example: Burger King Logo

Logo types example combination mark logo design

Conclusion: Hopefully, this article would have clarified you on all types of logo. Now, you will be able to acquire an appropriate logo for your business. You should keep one thing in your mind when acquiring a logotype for your business i.e. you should make sure that the type of logo you are acquiring fulfills the nature of your business.