What Secrets Are Logo Symbols Hiding? Come And Find Out!

Aren’t plain and simple logo symbols boring?

Don’t you want your company logo to stand out without making it too colorful or confusing?

How about putting hidden messages in your logo symbol?

We see logo symbols everywhere; on TV, billboards, on T-shirts, shoes and almost all kinds of merchandise that we buy. But do we ever stop and observe them carefully? Most of them have some kind of message hidden in them that we can only see in careful observation.

So why would companies go through the trouble of hiding messages in their logos when the customer doesn’t even see it in the first glance?

Because it’s going to make your logo unique and unique logos go a long way in making the company stand out from the crowd.  Using hidden messages in logo designs creates a fondness for the logo. Plus, it is also a great way to put in more knowledge about the product or the brand.

Hidden Messages in Logo Symbols:

Let’s take a look at how some of the successful brand logo symbols have concealed messages in them; here are a few free logo symbols:

1. What Are The Logo Symbols Saying?

Putting hidden messages in the logo designs is a new trend. One way to make your logo more interesting is to put hidden messages in the symbols used for the logo. For example, if you observe carefully, for a company named elefont, an elephant trunk is hidden in the symbol E. Also; notice the wine glass in the man’s belly?

Logo SymbolsLogo Symbols

2. What is the Logo Text Saying?

Another bright way to make your logo symbol look unique is to play with the text. Use different fonts and twist and turn it around. It may seem like just an ordinary symbol to you; but it’s not. Notice the Sun Microsoft symbol? The diamond actually spells SUN starting from the corner. And do you see the ‘I heart You’ symbol? Carefully notice the word HATE in the heart? Not feeling so loved, are you now?

Logo SymbolsLogo Symbols

3. Is This Logo Patriotic?

A lot of successful companies use the patriotic aspect to hide messages in their logo symbols. They may not be visible on the first glance, but careful observation can show a map or a national animal etc. I’m sure you must have seen the Toblerone brand logo a million times. But have you ever observed the bear shape hidden? The bear shape actually symbolizes the city of Bern in Switzerland. This is where the chocolate was actually created. Also notice the Museum of London logo. The colorful shapes may look random but they represent the changing shape of London throughout history.

Logo Symbols Logo Symbols

4. Can You Find The Hidden Numbers?

Why not give use a brand feature through numbers? The number 31 in pink represents the 31 flavors of ice cream that Baskin Robins has to offer; one for each day of the month. Notice the Big Ten Symbol. When the USA’s oldest Division 1 college athletic conference expanded from 10 to 11 teams, a new logo was designed to reflect the change. Take a closer look at the number 11 on both sides of the letter T.

Logo SymbolsLogo Symbols

5. You Think That Empty White Space Is Useless? Well, Guess Again!

Don’t waste the white space in your logo. Use it wisely. At first glance, the white space may look like a map of Africa to you but there’s actually an image of a woman and child facing each other. Also observe the map of Australia hidden in her body posture; between the upturned leg and her arm.

Logo SymbolsLogo Symbols

Now that’s what I call creativity!