The Compatibility Criterion of Different Logo Styles For Different Business!

Are you trying to find that perfect logo style for your business? Are you confused and don’t understnd which style to pick? Want to know what does your logo style represents?

Then you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about the different logo styles and what they represent.

1. Wood mark Logo Style:

This type of logo style focuses mainly on text rather than pictures. This is the most common style of logo design and usually gives the brand logo a clean formal look. This type of logo style gives the brand a professional look. This style works best when your brand name describes your business. Most corporate companies use this logo style as it gives an air of formality. For woodmark logo styles, if the text color is bright, then a lighter colored background is used. If you are opening your own accounting firm or network channel, then this is the logo style for you.

Different Logo Styles

2. 3D Logo Style:

This is the new and upcoming trend in the world of logo designs. The three dimesional effect gives the logo an air of imagination and makes it appear realistic, making it more appealing to the customer. This style is mostly used by businesses that are related to creativity, innovation or imagination. For example, the architectures and companies providing technological solutions can use this logo style.

Different Logo Styles

3. Illustrations logo style:

Illustrations gives the logo an artistic style. This is, without a doubt, the most versatile logo style that can work for almost any business. Since they are firstly created with a pen and ink before digitizing, they are completely unique. They give the impression of crativity, originality and are one of the mostly commonly used styles. This style can be used in hotel industry, food and beverage industry and service oriented companies. For example, an automobile company can use a car illustration to further explain their business.

Different Logo Styles

4. Photographic logo style:

Using photographs is one of the most underused amongst logo styles. The reason is that brands are too scared that photographs would fail to give their brand the air of originality that it needs. But a photograph used rightly can make a logo unique and also add an air of reality to the brand logo. For example, a shoe shop can add a picture of a shoe to his brand logo to make it more appealing to his customers.

Different Logo Styles

5. Abstract logo style:

Abstract style is used in logos usually when an important feature of the business is used to describe the brand in the logo. It usually focuses on the unique service that the business provides. For example, the formula One logo emphasizes on speed. This style is most appropraie for businesses that want to depict their business attributes in their logos like speed, efficiency or networking.

Different Logo Styles

6. Signature Logo Style:

This is a logo style that is mostly used by brands that use an individual’s name in their brand logo. These are mostly used by dress designers or photigraphers or people who use their own name as their brand. If you are an individual using your own name as brand, this is the perfect style for you.

Different Logo Styles

Use the logo style that is most appropriate and take your brand to another level.