6 Good Logo Design Rules That Can Make Your Brand Rule

Finding it difficult to design your company’s logo? Don’t you wish there were a set of rules that you could follow to create a great logo easily?

Well, here they are. A logo is a brand’s face. It is its personality, something that the customer can relate to, so it is essential to have the right logo to represent your brand.
Here are 6 essential logo design rules that can give you an awesome logo:

1. Do not use more than three colors:

Using more than three colors can make your brand seem like a rainbow and can repel the customer. Use minimum colors and use them wisely. Use colors that complement each other. Do not use neon or colors that are too contrasting to each other. If the text is of a darker shade, then make sure that the background is a neutral shade and vice versa.

good logo design rules

2. Do not use more than 2 font styles:

One of the most important of the logo rules is to avoid using more than two fonts in your logo. That makes the logo complicated and if the logo is complicated, then it is not memorable. The most effective strategy is to use maximum 2 fonts in legible font style. Any more than that and the customer will lose his focus.

logo rules

3. Your logo should look good in black and white too:

Does your logo look good in color but loses its charm in black and white? Then you probably haven’t made the right choice. Remember, a great logo is one that is easily recognizable even when it is in black and white. The colors should enhance its personality, but not be a part of it. Remember the Nike swoosh.

good logo design rulesgood logo design rules

4. Do not use too many shapes or objects together:

The viewer should be able to interpret the message of yours in less than three seconds. Do not use complicated pictures or illustrations that will confuse the customer. For example, the London Olympics logo consisted of different shapes put together in a way that made it confusing for the viewer. This logo was a big failure in the market.

good logo design rules

5. Use sharp lines for sharp businesses and soft lines for soft businesses:

Most of the corporate companies and manufacturing businesses use sharp lines in their logos. This gives their logo a more professional and formal look and the viewer would feel that the company means business. Similarly, businesses concerned with services and creativity usually use soft lines in their logos. This gives their logos an air of creativity and imagination.

good logo design rulesgood logo design rules

6. Always use Vector Graphics:

Always use of vector graphics. Computer images are made up of small pixels that are grids of small rectangular cells. The closer those grids are, the better the image is. However, as the image is magnified, it gets distorted. This is where use of vector graphics comes in. The SVG (scalable vector graphics) are the highest resolution 2 dimension graphics available. Vector graphics can be edited and resized without losing their high definition quality. This makes your logo flexible to use. Instead of using any other image format or a picture, using vector graphics can add long term advantage to the brand logo.

good logo design rules

Now, just follow these 6 good logo design rules and you’ll be creating a good logo in no time. Happy Logo creating!