Some Logo Redesign Examples- Success and a Failure

You would have seen a number of logo redesign with some redesigns receiving admiration and some receiving harsh comments from logo designing fans. Have you any idea why do brands feel for a logo redesign? Brands feel for logo redesigning only when they realize; their logos have not fulfill the standards of a true logo, so brands settle on a logo redesign yet some brands fail with logo redesigning efforts.

Here are four conditions which any logo redesign must fulfill to standout:

  1. It should identify your company, product or a service.
  2. It should differentiate your brand from the competitors.
  3. It should communicate about your business to the competitors.
  4. It should depict the quality of your business, product or a service.

Brands which satisfy these four conditions in their logo redesign receive admiration from logo design fans; on the other hands, brands failing to meet these conditions in their logo rebranding receive only criticism. Here are a few logo redesign examples of brands with a short description who receive favor as well as criticism for changing a logo:    

Logo Redesign Examples – Success

Great logo redesign kfc logo redesign

1. KFC Logo:

KFC logo redesign portrayed the New Look of Colonel Harland Sanders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). In the new logo, Colonel is wearing an apron that depicts he’s ready to serve you. The logo is a good redesign since it identifies the company name (KFC), differentiate the company (Colonel Icon), communicate the business (seller of chicken –red color) and tell the quality of business (good and fast service).    

Great logo redesign ups logo redesign

2. UPS Logo:

UPS (United Parcel Service), one of the world’s largest package delivery companies decided to change its logo due to the expansion of company from the package delivery service to the broader array of supply chain activities. Although, the previous logo of UPS was recognized by customers for almost four decades; however, 3d Effects in the New Logo Gave a More Refreshing Look to the Brand and fulfilled the four conditions of logo redesigning.

Great logo redesign kfc logo redesign

3. Cisco Systems Logo:

Cisco Systems, one of the world biggest corporations of technology rebranded it in order to give brand a technical look. Consequently, the corporation dropped the word “Systems” and came up with the logo redesign that only represented discrete lines implying the digital communication. Overall logo of Cisco became simple and fulfilled the conditions that a good logo redesign should satisfy.                  
Logo Redesign Examples – Failure

bad logo redesign master card logo redesign example

4. MasterCard Logo Redesign:

MasterCard logo redesign was one of the most horrific redesigns that you would like to see. New logo has made it more difficult for customers to identify the brand. New logo is nothing except the medley of some overlapping shapes which have enhanced the complexity to get the brand identified by the customers.    

bad logo redesign dairy queen logo redesign example

5. Dairy Queen Logo:

Do you see anything of interest in the logo redesign of Dairy Queen? You would say that you can see the swishes and changed font in a new logo. However, these changes didn’t qualify this redesign as good since fonts in this redesign are unjustified and swishes have no role to play with the company that serves soft items along with fast food.

Conclusion: Have you realized what makes a particular logo redesign standout and what derives a logo redesign failure? You would have noticed that only those logos have come out successful which have justified the four conditions of logo redesigning. Therefore, if you ever think about changing a logo for your business; you should ensure your logo fulfills the four conditions of logo redesigning.