Everything You Need To Know About Photoshop Logo

photoshop logo

Photoshop logo is one of the most widely used applications for creating a brand logo. Because of its fame, there are a lot of free Photoshop logo, Photoshop logo design tutorial, Photoshop logo maker and Photoshop logo templates free available online that makes the process of creating a logo Photoshop much easier than what it used to be. No matter what your business nature is, you can make your own logo Photoshop, most of which samples and ideas can be easily found on the internet. For example, there is the band logo Photoshop for musical bands, the web 2.0 logo Photoshop for social media websites, the company logo Photoshop for corporate firms etc.

The best part about the Photoshop is that this software gives you so much creative freedom that even the professional designers use the Photoshop logo creation process. Even for people who are not very familiar with computer applications, there are a lot of Photoshop logo templates, Photoshop logo brushes, Photoshop logo effects and Photoshop logo shapes available that make Photoshop logo making easy and fun. But on the down side, using predetermined Photoshop logo font or styles can never create a logo design that is original or unique and your brand may face copyright issues if some other brand uses the same fonts or images.

The Photoshop logo cs4 is the state of the art Photoshop version that allows you to make 3d logo Photoshop in different logo styles, namely, the gradient effect, converting basic design to a 3d logo Photoshop with more depths and layers.

Some cool Photoshop logo trends that have been lately is the metal logo Photoshop, transparent logo Photoshop and the glossy logo Photoshop. Using the metal or glossy look can add an air of reality and sophistication to the Photoshop logo designs and is a popular style nowadays.

It is also very important to create a copyright mark through the copyright logo Photoshop tuts. That way you are making your Photoshop logo design secure and exclusive from other brands.

How to make a logo Photoshop:

Follow the below mentioned steps and make cool logo Photoshop:

  1. Using Photoshop, Go to File and then New and open a new page for your logo design. Write the brand name in Photoshop logo text and choose the font style that you prefer. Do not use more than 2 fonts in the brand logo and make the logo text easily readable.
photoshop logo
  1. Now add in the colors of the text as you prefer. Here, also make sure that the logo text colors are of not more than 3 colors and they are not contrasting each other.
photoshop logo
  1. Now create the basic shape of the brand logo using the Tool Panel and add in the layer style according to your preference.
photoshop logo
  1. Now you can add in the colors using the Tool Panel again. Add more than one color to make your brand logo interesting and attractive. But do not use more than three colors or it will start looking like a rainbow.
photoshop logo
  1. This is how your logo will look when finalized.
photoshop logo

Use the following Photoshop logo tutorials for making a logo Photoshop so that you have a cool logo design for your brand. The Photoshop will let you explore your creative side so you can let your imagination run wild with the software. Designing Photoshop logo is indeed simple, creative easy and fun.