5 Famous Brand Logo Names with Design and History

How do you recognize famous brands of the world? Brand logo name of world’s famous brands let you recognize those brands. The current logo designs of famous brands are a result of historical information attached with those brands. In this article, you will learn about the design and history about logo names of five famous brands. Here is a brief description of five different brands logo names:

Accenture Logo Name famous brand logo design

1. Accenture Logo

Design & History: Accenture is a word that is coined by the combination of two words: accent & future. The name goes well with objective of a firm i.e. to help clients create their future. The name of the firm resulted after a three-month long research process that was led by the initiative taken by Anderson’s Consulting, a global marketing firm and supported by international branding and identity firm, Landor Associates.   

Google Logo Name famous brand logo design

2. Google Logo

Design & History: At first; SERGEY BRIN in 1998 created the computerized version of Google Letters using a free graphics program, GIMP. In first logo of Google, an exclamation mark was added to produce the satiric effect in it similar to Yahoo! Logo. RUTH KEDAR developed the current logo of Google that was officially launched on May 6th, 2010. Google logo follows Catull BQ Fonts which were created for Berthold by Gustav Jaeger in 1982.   

Sony Logo Name famous brand logo design

3. Sony Logo

Design & History: The current version of Sony was created in 1973 after a number of modifications given to the earlier versions of logo name tags of a company. In 1982, Sony launched a slogan “like.no.other” that improved the brand identity of a company. However, the company has changed the slogan to”make.believe” today. Clarendon Fonts are used for the logo name design of Sony.          

Toyota Logo Name famous logo design

4. Toyota Logo:

Design & History: The current logo of Toyota was created in the year, 1989 that differentiated the company from competitors. Toyota logo is one of the most famous logo name badges. It consists of three ovals; two perpendicularly centered ovals depicting the Relationship of Mutual Trust between Customer and Toyota. The third oval forms the letter “T” for Toyota and Space in logo symbolizes the future growth opportunities for Toyota.     

IBM Logo Name famous brand logo design

5. IBM Logo:

Design & History: Initially, IBM was incorporated on June 15th, 1911 as a Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. However, the name of company was changed to IBM (International Business Machines) in 1924 with the global version of IBM logo. The current logo of IBM was designed by Paul Rand in 1972. Horizontal bars in logo portray the trust, value, quality and advanced technology of IBM.

Conclusion: What have you learnt from this brief review on logo design & history of some famous brand logo names? have you got any logo name ideas for your company now? Hopefully, now you will be able to come up with an inspiring logo name for your company without going after any logo name maker, logo name creator and logo name generator program.