7 Famous Iconic Logos of All Times

Main iconic logos of all times

Have you ever thought why do iconic logos click the minds of customers whenever they saw it at different places? An Iconic logo design communicates a particular message about a company, product or service to the target audience.

There are four conditions which an iconic logo must satisfy. Here they are:

  1. It should be instantly recognized by the customer.
  2. It should be illustrative in nature.
  3. It should be memorable.
  4. It should be scalable.                                 

Here is the review of some famous iconic logo of all times with a brief description about their logo icon to help you realize how a logo icon design help brands to market their identity well in eyes of the customer:

firefox browser logo icon

1. Firefox logo:

The stylized Firefox browser logo icon in Firefox logo fulfills all four conditions to be categorized as an iconic logo. Logo for Firefox was designed to make an impression without shouting out with overdone artwork. Consequently, Mozilla Corporation came up with the logo for Firefox that is instantly recognizable, memorable and reproducible. Firefox logo icon communicates about fast web browsing with the Globe Icon.     

Audi logo iconic logo of all times

2. Audi Logo:

Audi logo icon is another good example of an iconic logo design since the logo is quite simple to be recognized. Logo of the German manufacturer of automobiles features four overlapping rings which characterize the 1932 merger of four independent motor vehicles manufacturer; namely, Audi, Horch, DKW and Wanderer.       

starbucks iconic logo of all times

3. Starbucks Logo:

Starbucks Corporation, the largest coffee chain company of world recently featured a “Refined Siren” icon as its new logo design. The refined iconic logo of Starbucks feature a modified Siren weighting scales on her tail with smooth hair and sophisticated facial expressions. Logo is yet simple, recognizable and reproducible and features the expressive brand identity of Starbucks in style.    

shell logo iconic logo of all times

4. Shell Logo:

One of the world’s most recognizable iconic logo of Shell is the result of several modifications to its original versions. According to some evidence, Shell logo for the company was inherited from the family coat of arms of Mr. Graham; the business associate of the Shell Transport and Trading Company, formed by Marcus Samuel.

mercedes benz logo iconic logos of all times

5. Mercedes-Benz Logo:

3-pointed star logo of Mercedes Benz is another great example of an iconic logo design as it is simple and quite easier to get recognized by potential and actual customers. 3 pointed tips in logo of Mercedes-Benz reflect the domination of Mercedes in land, air and sea.        

wwf logo iconic logos of all times

6. WWF Logo:

Logo of World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature, the international NGO symbolizes the one of the endangered species, ‘Panda’ to reflect the main purpose of WWF i.e. to restore the endangered species back to life. Panda Inspiration in the iconic logo design of WWF came from a Panda with name “Chi-chi” that was transferred from Beijing Zoo to London Zoo in the same year of establishment of WWF.            

yahoo mail iconic logo

7. Yahoo Mail Iconic Logo:

Yahoo mail features one the most famous email logo icon with @symbol attached inside the envelope. Logo perfectly conveys the purpose of yahoo mail i.e. communication service and fulfills all the conditions to be categorized as an iconic logo design in style.

Conclusion: Have you realized how famous brands utilize their iconic logos to communicate with the customers? All of these famous brands have fulfilled the four required conditions to let their logo be categorized as an iconic logo design and come up with effective yet efficient results from the sides of customers.