6 Simple Steps in 3d Logo Design Tutorial

Logo Design Tutorial

Technology in business world is moving at a very fast pace nowadays. There are new trends coming up in the world every day. Even in the world of logo designs, where at one side old is gold, like the Nike and IBM logos; there are also a lot of new and upcoming trends that are dominating the logo design world. One such trend is the use of the 3 dimensional logos in the brand image.

Yes, the use of 3 dimensional images isn’t restricted to the video game world anymore.

Nowadays all sorts of businesses are using 3d images for branding.

So, why 3 dimensional, you ask?

The truth is that the logo design world has overdone the illustrations and drawing images and is now moving to the images that so look that you can even touch them. The 3d images give you that feel. Plus, even if the 3d effect is only being used in the logo design text, it still adds an impressive touch. It takes an ordinary image and adds a variation to it without making it seem cheap.

So, how to create the 3d effect? The 3d logo design tutorials available online are so difficult to follow.

Below mentioned is the 3d logo design tutorial; so easy that even a child can do it.

Logo Design Tutorial:

Here’s the image that we’ll be creating today:

Logo Design Tutorial
  1. On the Photoshop, write the initials of your company that you want to use in your logo design. You can select different type of fonts with it. If your business is related to the corporate industry, then you may use straight fonts, and if your business nature is somewhat creative or innovative then you can use curvier fonts. The initial logo design should be made in black and white.

Today, we’re making a logo for a furniture shop, so we’ll be using straight fonts. To do that, select the Horizontal Type Tool and type the navigation text and select the font style and size that you prefer. Here’s how our brand logo will look:

Logo Design Tutorial
  1. Add in the company name with the logo design. That is also done through the Type Tool. Again, here we’ll be using straight fonts.
Logo Design Tutorial
  1. Now you may add colors to your logo design or text. Since we’ll be using the 3d effect for the logo later, we’re just adding color to the text here for now.
Logo Design Tutorial
  1. Now select the image that you want in the 3d effect and add layers to it. You can do so by going to the Layer Style. There you can edit the angle information and can play around with the axis and its depth angles according to your preference.
Logo Design Tutorial
  1. Now your logo should look something like this:
Logo Design Tutorial
  1. Now the final step is to add colors to the background. Right click on the background and edit the background colors through the Layers Panel. Now, your 3d design logo is ready to be the face of your brand.

 Logo Design Tutorial      Logo Design Tutorial

So, here are 6 simple steps of creating a simple yet innovative style of logo design for your brand. As easy as apple pie!