Steps Involved In a Logo Creation Process

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Have you tried free logo creation software at times to experience logo creation for free but all of your efforts have gone in vain with all of those free software for logo creation? You would have utilized different logo creation softwares by performing free logo creation software download but it didn’t help you figure out the best logo creation software. Logo creation freeware can’t resolve your queries unless you realize the essence of a logo creation process.

You may find free online logo creation program at logo creation website or logo creation services but it doesn’t mean any logo creation site or logo creation service can teach you all about logo designing. Business logo creation or company logo creation is a complex process that involves the use of various logo creation tools in conjunction with logo designing guidelines adapted by the designer.        

Logo creation is no doubt an overwhelming process for creative minds; however, even the professional designer can get exhausted by this; if he/she doesn’t fulfill the design requirements for a logo. If you follow only four steps of a logo design process; then, you will glad to find it out that you don’t need to try out a free logo creation website or see any logo design tutorial for free business logo creation.        

Here are the steps which you should take to make your logo creation process successful:


1. Knowing the Client

Knowing the client is very crucial from perspective of a logo designer; after all, the client will pay designer for his/her service. As a logo designer, one should ask following questions to the client to recognize what the client is expecting from him/her:

Q1. What are the values of your business or a company?
Q2. What do you value as the most important element for your business?
Q3. Can you show me any marketing material related to your business or company?
Q4. Who are your customers/what is your target market?
Q5. Would you please explain the nature of business or company that you are running on?

Getting answer to these questions aid logo designers to begin their custom logo creation process by utilizing a proper logo creation tool for the client. In simple words, answers to these questions work as logo creation tips from logo designing perspectives.

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2. Developing Right Imagery

Analytical thinking and intuitive judgment is a key for logo designer to come up with the right imagery for client’s logo. Loads of ideas may come to logo designer’s mind after having a long discussion with the client but it doesn’t mean that logo designer should instantly begin professional logo creation process without even thinking about it. Logo designer should grab a pen and list down things pertaining to the needs of a client.     

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3. Concept is Important!

The best way to start logo creation process is to make a sketch of ideas which logo designer has listed down on the piece of a paper. Logo designer should go to computer only after he/she is done with the sketching process and try out different fonts and colors to find out the perfect scheme for client’s logo. Logo designer should at least come up with three concepts for the client with different looks so that client can select a logo of his/her choice with ease.

presentation logo creation

4. Presentation is Important Too!

In addition to the concept, presentation is also very important from logo designer perspectives. Therefore, logo designer should present concepts to his/her client with the greatest quality so that client can feel good about the logo designer. Here is the list of things which the presentation of a logo designer should cover to get good remarks in return from his/her client:  

  1. Logo should meet the design objectives of a client.
  2. Logo should be presented in different sizes to the client.
  3. Logo should be legible in all sizes.

All of these three conditions must be fulfilled if the logo designer wants his/her to standout in eyes of his/her client.

Conclusion: Have you realized what makes a logo creation process successful? A logo designer must understand client’s requirements for coming up with the right imagery, concept and quality presentation for his/her client. In a nut shell, accomplishing all of these things in succession makes any logo creation process successful whether it’s a 3d logo creation process or animated logo creation process.