Psychological Meaning of Different logo Color Schemes

Have you ever tried to understand the logo color psychology when looking at a particular logo? Do you know the purpose that different logo colors serve to various kinds of logos? Business logo colors with different schemes in a logo portray a particular message about the business to customers. If you don’t know the psychology behind a logo color; then, don’t worry as this article will help you unveil the psychological meaning of a particular logo color scheme.

Here is a short description of 5 different logo color schemes which will aid you in figuring out logo colors meaning for some brands with their psychology:

Best Logo Color Combinations – Scheme 1: Blue with White

Light Blue Color adds seriousness to a logo and Dark Blue Color adds feeling of calmness in the logo design.  Sky Blue Color Along With White gives a refreshing look to the logo. Company logo colors in American Express logo perfectly fulfil the logo color combination of blue with white.       

American Express Logo best logo color combinations scheme

Best Logo Color Combinations – Scheme 2: Black & White

Black & White are popular logo colors which can be utilized in any situation. For the same reason, you see the logo of the famous American cable television network, Cartoon Network to be black and white with a calming background in sky blue.           

Cartoon Network logo best logo color cominations scheme

Best Logo Color Combinations – Scheme 3: Black with Red

Black Color in combination with Dark Red reflects the feeling of conservatism along with seriousness. Logo color meaning of I Love New York Logo can be deducted as the strong love of citizens of New York for New York.  

i love new york logo best logo color combinations scheme

Best Logo Color Combinations – Scheme 4: Red with Orange

Red is the color for getting attention and Orange is a color that portrays warmth. Corporate logo colors of Red Bull fulfill this sort of a logo color scheme in style.    

redbull logo best logo color combinations scheme

Best Logo Color Combinations – Scheme 5: Orange with Blue

When choosing logo colors, one can use Blue in combination with Orange to portray the strong brand identity. Good logo colors including orange and red in Wal-Mart’s logo fulfills this sort of logo color scheme.    

walmart logo best logo color combinations scheme

Conclusion: Was this article about a mini logo color palette helpful to you? Can you figure out the best logo colors from this article? Red, blue, black and white are the most common colors used by logo designers; however, they sometimes also incorporate green, orange, yellow, silver and other colors too with respect to nature of a business. Colors in logo design are used by logo designers to enhance the value of a logo for business.