What Is A Logo?... Find out the Meaning and It’s Amazing History!!

"Logos and branding are so important. In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English-but are great in remembering signs" -

What is logo design? How do we define logo? What is a logo design meaning? What stories are the symbols telling us?

According to the general logo definition is ‘a recognizable graphic element that represents a brand’. In other words, a logo means to give a name, symbol or a trademark to symbolize a brand. It reflects the nature, personality, visions and goals of a company. To define logo design is to say that it is a unique identity of the company that gives its brand easy recognition in the industry. A good logo is a unique blend of creativity and innovation keeping in mind the business it targets.
Some images are so powerful that they become universally known to represent their interpretation; for example

  1. Heart - Love and affection
  2. Anchor – Hope
  3. The Cross – Christianity
  4. The skull – Danger or death
  5. Crown – glory
What Is A Logo

Same is the case with successful brand logos. They start to define the brand universally by its logo image. For example, no matter which country you’re in, when you see the golden arches the first name that comes to your mind is McDonalds.

A logo is used to represent the company everywhere. Whether it’s on their products, on the company building or the stationary, it is the visual mark through which the customers identify your brand. Some of the important factors that every successful logo should follow are:

  1. Recognizable yet unusual
  2. Simple yet rich
  3. Contemporary yet timeless
  4. Memorable yet appropriate

Logo Design History:

The word ‘Logotype’ is derived from the Greek word, ‘Logo’ means word and ‘typo’ means impression. So together the logo meaning is the kind of impression that your brand gives. The use of symbols and trademarks to represent a brand has been observed since early times. The traders and merchants would mark their goods and animals through logo printing on their inventory.  This would be helpful in differentiating them from each other.

Logos Today:

Today the popular trend in logo designs is that ‘simpler is better’; especially when the companies have less and less time to impress the customers. The logos nowadays are more iconic and less text filled so that it is easier for the customer to recognize the brand. For example, what kid doesn’t know the McDonalds arches, the Nike swoosh or the bite-taken apple? A good logo design of today usually consists of simple and easy to recognize shapes that are turned and twisted creatively.

What Is A Logo

Hence, to conclude here is the logo design definition given by three Logo design Super heroes, Ivan Chermayeff, Tom Keismer and Steff Geisbuhter that summarizes all the elements and fundamentals of a good, no great, logo design:

"A mark (logo) is form and substance, image and idea. To be effective, its forms must be familiar enough to be recognizable, and unusual enough to be memorable. The design must be simple enough to be read in an instant and rich enough in detail or meaning to be interesting. It must be contemporary enough to reflect its epoch, yet not so much of its time as to appear dated before the decade is out. Finally it must be memorable and appropriate to the ideas and activities it represents."