Make My Own Logo Design? …….Isn’t My Brand Worth It?

diy logo design

Trying to design logo design your own and don’t know what colors to use? What fonts? What images? Do you constantly ask yourself, “How can I make my logo design different from others?”

It is a pretty stressful task, isn’t it?

Do you say to yourself, “Sigh, I wish I could make my own logo design just like a professional? Well, why not just hire one?

Since you know you can’t beat them; so why not just join them?

It’s crazy how so many small companies still don’t take logo designing seriously. Don’t they know that a logo is their brand face, once designed shall remain with them for a long time?

For any business, whether it’s big or small, well established or just started, having a brand identity is extremely important. Your own logo design will give you that identity. For a new business in its initial years, taking care of the marketing strategies is especially important; since they’re trying to promote sales and get an edge over the competition, compared to already established brands; whose customers are already aware of their products in the market.

So what would you rather do, save a little money by using a do it yourself logo design generator and let your brand lead a life of anonymity for the rest of its product life or would you rather spend a little money today by hiring a professional and enjoy the returns of a rich and famous brand identity?

I’m sure it’s a no-brainer.

So why is hiring a professional to design your own logo design better than to make your own logo design?

I’ll give you three reasons.

  • One: Well, for one thing he’s trained at what he does. Keep in mind that there’s a whole process that goes in designing a logo design, where your only role is to fill in the logo design creative brief correctly so that the logo designers have a clear view as to what your brand requires. And this is where your work ends and theirs begin. The professional logo designers will conduct market research, analyze your competitors, study your target audience and then create a logo using their creativity and skills.

This is something that any make your own logo design software will never be able to do for you.

What are the chances of you coming up with a logo like that?

diy logo design
  • Two: Plus, there’s a science of the way the colors, fonts and images affect your emotions. And the professionals are an expert at that. Would you really want to use the wrong colors or images in your logo design and risk instigating the wrong type of emotion?

I highly doubt that.

  • Three: And lastly, even if you put in all your effort, your logo design will still look amateur because it’s designed by one. The professionals will use proper lines and effects which you might never be able to pull through. Your diy logo design work will just end up looking clumsy and inept and what will your customers think of that? They’ll say, “This Company can’t even get their logo right; how they will handle my business?”

And I don’t blame them for thinking like that.

So, even if the above mentioned arguments don’t convince you, just answer this simple question.

When your tooth is broken, what do you do? Do you try to fix it yourself or go visit the dentist?

Remember, hiring a logo designer to give your brand the right image is an investment, not an expense. So let the pros handle the job instead of going for useless diy logo design efforts.

diy logo design