Logo Design Tools – Learn All About Them

The magic of internet is that it makes the whole world available at your doorstep with just a click. So now you can get an online logo design tool and make a logo with just a few click of the mouse.  

There are two basic kinds of logo design tools; one type is the softwares that are mostly used by professionals that can be easily purchased.

The best part about those tools is that they give you the creative freedom that you desire and the logo created through them is usually exclusive and unique.

So basically the logo you come up with through there is only your own. That way there are no copy right issues and your logo design rightly reflects your brand. Their disadvantage, besides being expensive, is that they are pretty technical to use. You need to be skilled at drawing and use of computer applications to make a logo design tool work.

And this is where the logo design pros come in.

Not only are they proficient at illustrations and softwares but they also have the in-depth knowledge that you need to create that perfect combination of image and text to represent your brand. Some of the popular logo design tools available that pros used are Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand and CoralDraw that have been around for ages.

Besides that there are also the online logo design tools that are usually used by people who are looking for a free and easy way to create brand logos which can be downloaded or used online.

Their biggest advantage is that they are fast, easy to work with and most of the times look free.

But their disadvantages are many. The first one being that the logos created through there are absolutely ORDINARY.

It’s still surprising to notice how, even nowadays, many businesses don’t realize the importance of investing in the brand logo. They would still rather resort to logo design tools free to make the face of their brand rather than hire professional help.

But how can you expect a free logo design tool which knows nothing about your brand and its feature to give you a unique brand identity that is supposed to give you competitive edge?

You can’t! So let’s look at a few aspects of the so-called-free logo design tools available online.

I noticed this free online logo design tool and decided to give it a try. Carefully notice the options available here? You have the option of editing your own text but the font styles and logo style available could only be chosen from a set of pre requisite designs. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, the colors are already pre determined in the design options that are available and color editing there is not possible.

Now how can you be expected to come up with a creative design when even this online logo design tool restricts you?

online logo design tool

Now, even after all those restrictions, once your logo design on line has been successfully completed, in the final logo, you will notice a small shadow of a word mark, usually yellow or some other color, at the edge of your logo that doesn’t do away. That is actually a watermark from the software or the website that you have used.

Do you really want your unique brand mark to have another brand mark in it?

Then there’s the whole copy right issue. Since most of the images available are clip arts, there is a very big possibility that someone else might be using the same image. You may have changed the colors and the outlay but the basic shape is the same. And if some other company uses that shape too, then you might end up in a very confused copyright law suit.

So in conclusion, if you want a long term cost efficient advice, trust me, and hire a professional to do the job.