Up-Close and Personal With Logo Design Software Reviews

Logo Design Software

Are you trying to create your brand logo and don’t know which logo design softwares to use?

I’m sure you wish that a little birdie would just fly over and tell you the best logo design software out there?

The logo design software reviews available online are so worthless, right?

Don’t sweat because we have the perfect professional logo design software review for you.
For any brand that is committed to make its mark in the industry, creating the perfect brand logo would be its first priority. Now one easy way to go about it is to hire a professional logo designer to do all the work for you. But if you’re a new business owner and don’t really have the budget to spend on the pros, then the most appropriate graphic logo design software for you are the vector based illustration softwares.

Logo Design Software

Why the vector based illustration softwares, you ask? Here’s why:

Vector based illustration softwares:

To create the perfect logo for your company, it is most favorable to use vector based business logo design software for your brand logo. These include softwares like Coral Draw and Illustrator and many others like it. For a company that realizes the importance of a good brand logo and is willing to invest time and money into it, this is the type of software for you. Because they’re not restricted to rectangular shape like the bitmap, the image of your logo created through these softwares are sharp, sophisticated and look classic.


Some few pros of Vector based softwares are:

  1. Scalable vector images constitute of making the image with lines and curves instead of pixels like other logo design softwares. Because of that, when the logo size is minimized or enlarged, the logo does not lose its original essence and does not get distorted.
  2. Vector based illustration softwares are perfect if you want to create dimensions to your logo design, i.e., for 3 dimensional images.
  3. Also, after the logo has been created and adjusted in the brand stationary, vector based illustrations tend to print faster than any other type of images and the prints look much sharper.
  4. Because of the sophisticated drawing tools, the illustrations drawn are innovative, distinct and they look classy.
  5. This is the best type of software for logos that require animation.


Some of the cons of the vector based illustrations are:

  1. You need to be skilled at drawing and use of computer applications to use these softwares with proficiency.
  2. These softwares do not come cheap and need proper licensing to run.  
  3. Vector based illustration softwares cannot create blurry effect as it uses straight lines and curves.
  4. Because the vector softwares are not capable of producing a lot of different color tones in an image, the images end up looking a little cartoonish instead of real life. If you’re looking for images that are closer to reality, then vector softwares are not for you.

So what is the difference between Vectors based illustration software and any other company logo design software?

Let’s take a look at the two images

Logo Image produced through vector based illustration softwares.

Logo Design Software

Logo Image produced through any other type of software:

Logo Design Software

So in conclusion, I suggest that you use logo design software for your brand that makes your logo long lasting and classic. But if you still have doubts about the computer skills you might need to process such software, then I suggest you just go ahead and hire a professional logo designer and put your mind at ease.