The Ten Commandments of Tee Shirts Logo Design

T shirts are a great medium for advertising. Whether it’s a football match or a corporate picnic, your t shirt can be the center of the attention with only a little effort. For logo design shirts all you need is a little creativity and to follow these Ten Commandments and you can create yourself an awesome shirt logo design.

The 1st Commandment:

Thou Shalt Not Use More than Three colors on thy t shirt logo design
Don’t use more than two or three colors for your t shirt logo design; otherwise your t shirt will start looking like a pizza with everything on it.

The 2st Commandment:

Thou Shalt make the t shirt logo design flexible
Make sure that your t shirt logo design is flexible enough to look good in different color t shirts. Since you may have more than one colors of t shirt so make sure that your t shirt logo design is flexible enough to look good in different color t shirts.

shirt logo design

The 3st Commandment:

Thou shalt use contrasting colors
Use contrasting colors for the t shirt logo and the t shirt color. You want your logo to stand out. Use bright yellow text on a black t shirt and black text on a white t shirt for clear visibility.

shirt logo design

The 4st Commandment:

Thou shalt make the logo text large enough to read
Make the logo text large enough to be easily readable. Most of the t shirt logo designs you see are in the passing so they should be big enough for the passerby to read carefully at one glance.

shirt logo design

The 5st Commandment:

Thou shalt use straight font style
Use straight font style for your logo design t shirts. Do not use curly fonts as they are difficult to read and understand.

The 6st Commandment:

Thou shalt make sure that the t shirt graphic is large and clear
The graphic on the t shirt logo should also be large, clear and viewable. Graphics will small details will get lost on the customer.

The 7st Commandment:

Thou shalt use obvious graphics for the logo designs
Make sure that the graphic on your t shirt logo design is obvious. If it’s a truck company’s logo, then your logo should have an image of the truck. If it’s a football team t shirt, then draw a big football on the t shirt. Make sure that the graphic on your t shirt is obvious and does not require for the viewer to solve a puzzle.

shirt logo design

The 8st Commandment:

Thou shalt make sure that thy t shirt logo design meaning is easily understandable
Take a look at the graphic on your t shirt and think of the first thought that you think of. Is this the thought that you were going for? Also show it to different people and see what they think of? Is the message on your t shirt easy to understand?

The 9st Commandment:

Thou shalt use computer applications for the designing process
Use computer applications for t shirt logo design process. Nowadays, since most of the companies prefer t shirt printing digitally, so it is better to design the logo on computer.

The 10st Commandment:

Thou shalt keep the logo design front and center of the t shirt
The t shirt logo design usually looks best in the center of the t shirt. That is the place which attracts most attention. You may also keep it on the top left corner of your t shirt but for logo designs, front and center looks best.

Hence by using these simple 10 commandments, from opting for larger fonts to using contrasting colors for logo design and t shirts, you can create an awesome logo design t shirt that is simple to design and attractive to wear.