Get the Best Logo Designed In Your Shoe String Logo Design Quote

Logo Design Quote

The traditional path of getting a logo design quotation is to begin the long and hard search for logo designers, send elaborate logo design creative briefs, get logo design quotes, having lengthy meetings with them to ensure that you and the creative team is on the same page, get drafts of the design, send them for revisions and finally after an extended period of time, you at last receive a logo design to represent your brand, and that also at a price that would probably exceed your logo design budget.

Is there no way out for you if you’re looking for a logo design in a shoestring budget?

Yes, there is.

Why not post at a logo design market place?

Because of the rise of the World Wide Web, there are a lot of logo design market places available for you easily. Selecting the right one may be a difficult task but a little thorough homework on the internet can probably resolve that issue as well. The biggest advantage of those logo design market places is that there are more than 500 individual entrepreneurs and logo design companies registered there, ready to cater to your logo design needs whenever you request. And with the right type of logo design creative brief, you may end with well over a 100 logo designs for your brand.

So how do the logo design market places work? Here’s how:

  1. You go to any logo design market places. Try to use the ones that are the top 10 in the Google search.
  2. Fill in the creative brief. The more details you can give about your company, its background, its products and the kind of logo design you want, the better. Be elaborate about the type of colors and shapes you like and dislike; the famous logos that you like or dislike.
  3. Then fill in the deadline and your logo budget. The market place website may also have a minimum service fee. Keep that in consideration too.
  4. Then sit back and wait for the magic to begin. Within a day or two, you will start receiving logo design samples. Have a look at all of them. There is an option of rating the designs according to your preferences. You may also post comments and suggestions on the logo designs.
  5. Shortlist the ones you like and compare them. Pick the one you like the best or the one which is most suitable to represent your brand and you’re good to go.

This may one great way to find a good logo design in a small budget, but do remember that the quality of logo design image that you can receive from a professional logo designer can never be beaten by the logo design market places.  There is a reason why they charge more for their logo design and the reason is that they are the best at their work and all the successful brands can vouch for that.