Logo Design Programs – Are They Free Or Flea?

Nothing in this world is free; except air that is.

So are you actually naïve enough to believe that the Logo design programs are free?

Even for the best logo design program you have to pay a price, and the price is your brand’s blood.

Don’t believe me? Let’s list a few Pros and Cons here:

Con: Using a Logo Design Program Creates Logos That Are Basic And Common To Other Logos:

This means that the probability that two people will be using the same images and effects is very high. Do you really want another brand to have the same brand logo as your own? It’s a lot different than showing up at a party and someone else wearing the same clothes as you, you know.

Pro:   They’re easy to use and cheap.

free logo design programsfree logo design programs

Con:  Using Logo Design Programs Restricts Your Creativity:

If you have a limited number of fonts, colors and effects that you must use from, how can you use your own creativity? And if there’s no innovation and creativity in your logo design, how do you expect it to make a lasting impression? You can’t! If you want your brand logo to last this cut throat industry then you have got to come up with something unique and exclusive and a logo design program can’t give you that.

Pro:   They’re easy to use and cheap.

free logo design programs

Con: The Output Of Logo Design Programs Isn’t High Quality:

The lines, the colors and the effects don’t look high quality output. They just don’t, no matter how hard you try. Even from a distance, you can tell the difference between a free logo design program and a professionally designed logo.

Pro:   They’re easy to use and cheap.

Con:  The Logos Created Through Logo Design Programs Aren’t Scalable:

What about when your logo is enlarged or minimized? Its either going to look like the pixels is bursting or become illegible. Imagine how that would look on your business card or a big poster? That’s because the logos created through logo design programs aren’t scalable and cannot stand being resized.  That would make your logo very inflexible and you would be able to use it only on a limited number of mediums.

Pro:   They’re easy to use and cheap.

free logo design programs

Con: Logo Design Program Free May Give you A Lot of Cool Effects, But Can’t Help

You with Your Brand Logo’s Relevancy to Your Business:

Some cool logo design programs really give you some cool effects to play with but there’s a whole psychology of colors that different businesses should use. Will your free logo design program be able to tell you that? And what about using business nature relevant images, how will your free logo design program help you with that? It can’t!

Pro:   They’re easy to use and cheap.

So yes, it seems like there are more Cons to using free logo design programs than there are pros. All I can help you with is that I can give you free advice and this is where my role ends.
After that, the Power is yours!