Logo Design Pricing – The True Review for You

How much should the logo design pricing be?

The truth is that it can cost you anywhere from nothing to hundreds and thousands of dollars.

To say that the prices for logo design are like a hit and miss game would not be very far off the mark. Sometimes, a company pays thousands of dollars for a logo design but the output does not justify the amount that has been paid. And sometimes companies hire small but talented logo designers who totally transform the brand identity in quite a small amount. The factor here to consider is how well you have researched your logo designer before hiring him and how nicely have you communicated your need to him.

But that is just one way to create a logo design. Some of the other ways that a company can create its logo designs are as follows with their average price for logo design.

1. The do it yourself templates:

This must be one of the cheapest ways to design your logo. There are many logo generators and makers available online that make it easy for the customer to design their logos online.

The advantage is that they are easy to work with, quick and of course cheap. Here the price for logo design that you have to pay only includes the overhead electricity and internet expenses and maybe sometimes low fees of about 20 to 30 dollars for using the template. But there are also some of the websites where these templates are free. The disadvantage is that the quality of logo that they create is very generic due to the already pre determined images and effects and quite low standard.

Logo Design Pricing

2. The logo design softwares:

Another option is to go logo design softwares. Nowadays there are many software packages available that can be purchased and logo designs can be created. The biggest advantage of these logo design softwares is that you have the creative freedom to design your logo the way you like it.  A disadvantage is that the good logo design softwares are expensive and you need to have excellent drawing skills and artistic aptitude to use them. Some of them can get pretty complicated if you are not fluent with computer applications. Besides that the output that is created is also not as professional looking as when designed by the pros. The average price for good logo design softwares can start from 200 dollars and can go up to 1500 dollars or more depending on the features that the package offers.  

Logo Design Pricing

3. Opting for the Pros:

For the brand, opting for the pros to design your logo design is the best option. Here the average price of logo design starts from 59 dollars and can go up to more than 999 dollars depending on the package that you have chosen and the additional features that the package offers. You should be able to get an average logo design package with minimum features for 59 dollars. Usually the benefits offered in the package exceed the total cost of the logos. Besides the fact that these kinds of logos are created in a professional manner, they are also created by the experts who are aware of your target markets preferences and the latest industry trends. The quality of the logo design is also better than whatever you can create by yourself.

Logo Design Pricing

So in conclusion, a logo design can cost you anywhere from free to thousands of dollars but the more important factor to consider here is the level of service and the output that you receive in that cost.