Logo Design Guidelines to a Rich and Famous Brand

Designing your brand logo? Don’t you wish there were a few logo design guidelines that you could follow?

Well, there are.

A logo communicates the values, goals and ideals of your brand, so it is important that you get your logo right the first time. Below mentioned are a few logo design guidelines that you should follow to create a rich and famous logo.

Logo Design Guidelines:

1. Avoid two more than two font style or using ultra thin fonts as they make     the logo text illegible:

The most basic logo guide is that it should be legible. If the customer is unable to read what a logo says, then it defies its whole purpose. For that, it is important that the logo does not have more than 2 different font types and that the fonts used are not ultra thin as they diminish readability.

Can you read the below mentioned logo? If your customers can’t even read what it says, how will they remember it?

logo design guidelines

2. Say no to highly unprofessional and cheap clip art graphics:

The biggest sin in the logo design guide book is the use of clip art graphics. They are not only tacky but also unprofessional. That is not the kind of image you want for your brand. Plus, they are available for everyone so there is no exclusivity in your logo. Try using illustrations and images instead. Illustrations are unique and innovative.

3. Design logo only at scalable vector to stop distortion:

Always remember that your logo will be resized and reshaped. Scalable vector graphics protect the images from being distorted when they are resized. Using scalable vectors will add longevity to your brand logo.

logo design guidelines

4. Avoid harsh color combination. Only go for highly eye soothing color     combination:

You want to use a color combination that is attractive to the eye. Not a combination which makes you, want to turn your head away. Avoid using contrasting and neon colors and use complementing colors instead. If the text is dark in color, then use a lighter background and vice versa.

logo design guidelines

5. Make sure that your logo design communicates your business clearly:

Your logo must clearly communicate what your business does. The images and text used should be supportive of that. You can also explain a unique selling feature that your brand offers through your business logo for example, speed, efficiency etc.

logo design guidelines

6. Avoid redesigning logo frequently as it will fail to create a lasting     impression on your customers:

Companies that redesign their logos frequently look confused. They also confuse their customers how don’t know what their latest logo is. A successful brand gets the business logo right the first time and doesn’t change it again. You may a few minor alterations but major changes lose customers.

So, to summarize, it is important that a logo is legible, nicely colored and prettily presented to create a lasting impression on the customers.