The Perfect Logo Design Questionnaire for Your Business

Are you trying to create the perfect logo design questionnaire for your clients but don’t know where to start?

Wouldn’t you like to create a logo design brief that tells you simply everything about your clients and their preferences?

Then we have just the thing.

For any designer, it is very important to create the perfect graphic design creative brief. This creative brief logo will give you an insight to your clients mind and make the creative process easier. It is always very important for the client and the designer to be on the same wavelength to avoid conflicts later.

So, a sample creative brief for logo design is attached below that can give you a fairly good idea as to what you want to know about your clients. You can add this logo design creative brief to your website or any other communication medium for easy accessibility for your potential clients.

Logo Design Questionnaire:

Hello. Before we start working together, let’s get to know each other a little better. Kindly take your time to fill in the below attached logo creative brief so that we can get an idea as to how you want your logo design to be.

Your Name


Name of your company


Address and contact details of your company


A short description of your company and its products (just 2 to 3 sentences)


Who are your main competitors?


Please mention their website addresses.(if any)


How is your company different from your competitors?


A short description of your customers. (their age, gender, location and main preferences)


How would your customers describe your brand in 3 words?


What is your estimated project deadline?


Is that deadline flexible?


Is this your first logo or are you rebranding?


Name as you would like to appear in the logo


Tagline or slogan or your company


Any specific logo that you particularly dislike?


Any specific logo that you particularly like?


Would you like your logo to be just text or just image or a combination of both?


Are there any particular images that you would like us to use in the logo?


Are there any particular colors that you would like us to use in the logo?


What should be the overall theme of your logo? Should it be funny, serious, sophisticated or elegant?


What feeling/message would you like your brand to convey?


Do you have any particular animal or object that you may want to associate your logo with?


Where will your logo be used? (website, letterhead, signage etc)


Is there any particular package of ours that you prefer?


Thank you so much for taking the time out to fill our design creative brief. We will be in touch with you very shortly.