The Two Sides to the Logo Design Contests

Logo Design Contests

Why would you choose a private and expensive logo designer when you can get the work done cheaper through logo design contests?

A logo design contest is the quickest and cheapest way to get a unique logo for your company. A logo design competition attracts attention, creates traffic, gives the company a better exposure and can discover some great new talent.

But the grass is always green on the other side. A logo design award may look the attractive easy option from afar but there may a lot of long term consequences that your company may not be ready to pay.   

Every coin has two sides and now it’s time to explore both of them.

Pros and Cons of Logo Design Contest:

The Pros:

1. Get A Lot Of Awesome New Designs:

The best part of logo design competitions is that you can get a lot of new designs through this forum. In comparison, if you hire a private designer, then he will only make a limited number of designs and that also over a passage of time. The advantage here is that you receive numerous ideas at a very short period.

Logo Design Contests

2. Better Exposure For The Company:

This is a great way to create traffic for your company. Holding a logo design contest is definitely a great way to give your business a better exposure. By this, designers, potential designers and potential clients are all attracted to your company.

3. Comparatively Economic Approach To Get A Logo Designed:

This is comparatively a cheaper way to get a logo designed. Hiring a private designer and paying him enormous fees would prove to be so much more expensive in comparison to holding a logo design contest.

The Cons:

Where there is good, there is also evil. Now, let’s look at some of the cons of logo design contests.

4. You Choose The Most Favorite From What’s Available; Not What’s The Best:

The biggest disadvantage of a logo design contest is that most favorite logo available wins; but that doesn’t mean that it’s the best logo solution for your company. Once you hold a contest, you must choose from what’s offered or risk going back on your word and risking your brand image.

5. Plagiarism could Risk Legal Action:

There may be a lot of legal actions involved in the logo design contests. For example, there is always a possibility that the designing candidate would steal someone else’s logo and you choose that as your brand identity. In that case, you would be held responsible for a legal action, not that candidate.

6. The Winning Design May Just Be A Logo Design Software Output:

There are so many easy logo design softwares available. How do you know that your contestant hasn’t used one of them? And since those softwares have a limited range of fonts and colors available, how do you know if someone else won’t create the same thing? And would you really want to represent your brand logo that is a product of some cheap software?

7. Holding A Logo Design Contest Is Like Experimenting With Your Brand Logo:

Are you really willing to experiment with your brand logo; a sign that would remain the face of your company for a long time? What kind of brand image do you think you are portraying to your customers when you need public help even to design your own logo? Remember, none of the big brands hold logo design contests for their logo designs. Only the small cheap ones do that.

In conclusion, are you really unwilling to pay a little more cost for an option that is far more superior? Do you really think it’s a wise choice to let a person design your logo through logo design awards, who doesn’t even know it well?

Always remember, everything that glitters is not gold.