How Much a Logo Design Charges?

Logo Design Charges

How much is a logo design really worth?

Ask Coca cola, Nike, McDonalds and FedEx who rely on their brand logos to be their number one spokesperson.

As a designer, how much should my logo design rates be?

That answer is a little complicated. Each logo design project has its own challenges. From the different revisions offered to the client, to the medium in which the final logo design will be offered to the number of designers that will be working on the project.
Cheap logo designs are all over the internet. But beware that those artists may be using clip art or recycling their old logos. These tacky logo designers may have less logo design charges but I assure you that their output would never be up to the standard.

So how should I set the price to charge for a project?

Now, to tell you exactly what logo design fee a good professional logo designer should charge might be a little difficult but let me give you a little suggestion on how you should charge. Your logo design fees should be based on two components; company size, i.e. the number of employees you have in the company and your brand power; means the image you have in the market.  A good image in the market means that you can get away with charging more money. However, if you’re starting up then it is advisable to charge competitive charges to try to get new clients.

One more thing that would decide the overall cost of your packages is the number of revisions that you offer to the client and the additional features that you offer in that cost. Some of the additional features would include designing of the business card or the letterhead etc. More revisions would, of course, mean more cost. But be sure to include these features in the cost proposal to avoid confusion later.

Should I negotiate?

If you are an amateur logo designer then be prepared to negotiate with the prices a little just to get your feet wet in the field. When setting the initial payment, you can set aside an additional 5 percent that you may if the client insists. Try not to negotiate more than that; you don’t want your effort to result in a business loss.

Amateur logo designers should start off with charging less for their logo designs but should slowly increase as they gain experience and familiarity in the field.

In conclusion, remember, that each logo design and designer is unique and can charge for the project according to his own set criteria, his skills and the experience he has in the field. Those are two things he can cash on.