How To Choose An Inspection Logo Design Service That Is Easy On The Eye And On The Pocket?

inspection logo

Are you trying to find a logo for your home inspection business?

How should you find an inspection logo design service that is affordable in price but meets your quality standards?

Many of the small businesses come across the exact same question when they are trying to revamp their brand logos or trying to give them a shiny new image.
The first thing that you need to do is understand the difference between affordable and cheap. There are many companies out there that promise to create  logo just under 20 dollars but those companies are usually making a fool out of the customers by providing low quality product and copying the same logo image everywhere. Similarly, there are a lot of companies that do provide unique, high quality products but they are dreadfully expensive.

So to sum up, what you need is an affordable inspection logo design service that provides standard quality output.

Apart from the price, the first thing that you need to do is check out the portfolio of the inspection logos design service. The company that you select should have an ample portfolio to their name. If they don’t, then I suggest that you strike them off your list as you are taking a risk with the newbie in the industry. Have a look at the kind of logos that they have created in the past. See if there’s anything that you like.
Some of important factors to notice here are

  1. The kind of images that they are using i.e. illustrations, clipart or pictures. Illustrations are better as they give more creative freedom. If the company is using clip art pictures, then strike them off your list.
  2. The effect of the text that they are using. Usually a portfolio should be a variety of all the available effects from the trendy like the 3d effect to the classic straight text effect.
  3. Note if the images used are related to the business nature or any unique product features.

A lot of home inspection logo services also have their clients’ testimonial on their website.

Have a read of that. Now, there is a distinct possibility that those testimonials are fake to attract new clients, so my suggestion is that you cross verify the info by Goggling the company and checking out its logo.

Once you’ve assured yourself of the quality of the output, check out the different packages that they offer. Usually many of the companies’ offer a variety of packages from the cheapest to the highest. Start from the cheapest and start noting the kinds of services that they offer in each of the service. Some factors to consider here are the number of revisions that they provide, any additional design benefits that they may be providing like designing the business cards or calendars etc, the turnout time that is offered and the format of the logo design that they offer. Choose a package that meets all your requirements from the pricing to the additional benefits that they offer. If you still think that the package is too expensive; then contact them to enquire any possibility for a bargain.

You never know, you might just get lucky.

inspection logo