How to Design Logo as a Breathtaking Brand Identity?

Are you a small business owner with limited budget and planning to acquire the breathtaking identity for your business? Obviously, you would not be able to create a logo for your business unless you have got loads of money in your pocket. Creating breathtaking brand identity is definitely a challenging task for small business owners since they are required to spend loads of money for it.

You can find out a number of professional logo designers online who charge different fee for creating an effective logo for business. However, if you ask them to provide you more than 2 or 3 concepts for a logo; then, they will charge you a little less than they would have charged you for a single concept. A logo is the signature of your company; therefore, you wouldn’t want to lose your money on this.

Here are some tips for you which will guide you how to design logo as a breathtaking brand identity for your business:

1. Provide the Mission Statement:

You should provide logo designer with the mission statement about your company. It will give logo designer an idea to understand the nature of your business. If you don’t have any mission statement for your business; then, you should create one and give it the logo designer so that he or she can realize the nature of your business.

How to logo design mission statement

2. Take a Look at Designer’s Portfolio:

At first, you should ask your designer to show you his/her portfolio. Having a look at logo designer’s portfolio can provide you better understanding of his/her logo design expertise. You should also make sure that portfolio of the logo designer doesn’t feature any clipart logos. You should go for the logo designer only if you see any fresh logo in the portfolio of a logo designer.

How to logo design mission statement

3. Should You Work With an Independent Designer?

You should choose an independent logo designer if you can’t give the lump sum amount to any logo design agency.

How to logo design mission statement

4. Negotiation is the Key!

You have to negotiate with the designer smartly by understanding his or her psyche. At first, you should offer designer a low fee for his/her first concept. If you see that the logo designer is working according to your requirements; then, you should offer him/her a bonus too.

How to logo design mission statement

5. You Should Own The Logo:

You should make sure that you own the logo; therefore, you shouldn’t hesitate by doing paperwork with the designer. You should do the paperwork even if a logo designer is your friend.   

How to logo design own the logo

6. Students Can Really Help:

You should work with students of visual arts to get some ideas on acquiring a logo for your business. A number of logos which you see today are the result of the creative minds of some students in colleges and universities.

How to logo design students help

What a Breathtaking Logo Design Should Have? In general, a breathtaking logo should have the following elements:

How to logo design breathtaking rules
  1. Uniqueness
  2. Scalability
  3. Simplicity
  4. Exorability
  5. Quality

Conclusion: Did you realize how you can acquire a breathtaking brand identity for your business? These points would have definitely helped you on how to design logo for your business. Now, you can consult a professional logo designer so that he or she can aid you come up with the logo design for your business.