Drawing your logo?...Discover the essentials constituents for drawing a logo for your online business!!!

Do you want to draw logo design for your online business? Don’t know what fonts to use? What colors?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re the owner of an online book store or provide technological solutions, your business needs an identity through which your customers can relate to you. Your brand logo will give you that personality. For online businesses there is an added pressure to create the right kind of logo as they are expected to be more tech-savvy. Choosing the wrong type of font styles and colors can tarnish your business reputation forever.

Now there may be a lot of softwares available to draw logo online, but they never give you the creative freedom that you want as the colors and fonts are restricted. And secondly, it can prove to be quite a difficult task if you’re not familiar with computer applications.

So, how to draw logo for your online business? What should it say?

What should your logo say?

What font style to use?

For online businesses, you should use simple formal fonts. This gives your business logo design a clean and professional look. Also, this creates easy readability to your logo designs. Logos for online businesses should not consist of fonts that are too curly or swirly. That adds a feminine touch to it, which would not be very appropriate for an online business logo.

draw logo
draw logo
draw logo
draw logo
draw logo

What colors to use?

Keep the colors minimal. Do not use more than 3 colors in the logo design; otherwise it will make it look tacky. The background should be kept either white or have light colors. Blue is a popular favorite for online business logos but you can also go for other light toned colors like a purple or a gray. But make sure that you background is one solid color instead of having light and dark shades of the same color. The combination of gray background and bright yellow text has been very successful for online business logos.

draw logodraw logo

What images to use?

Some of the images that can help you represent your online business are the use of pixel-like images to give the impression of technology to your brand logo. Similarly, you can also use 3D ribbons in your brand logos to depict the illusion of virtual computer generation to your image. You can also use Lego as that also represents architecture and technology. Another new trend is the use of 3D logo styles that is the most appropriate for online businesses. Using 3 dimensions to logo designs make them look tech-savvy and yet realistic enough to touch.

draw logodraw logodraw logo

Hence, you can follow these simple designs and give your online business a logo design to be proud of.