Are Crowdsourcing Logo Websites a Cost-Effective or Cost-Ineffective Bargain?

What do you think about crowdsourcing logo design websites? Is it a cost-effective or cost-ineffective bargain to have countless crowdsourcing websites around you? Have you ever thought about it? It has been an on-going debate for years whether crowdsourcing logo websites are authentic or not. People on one side of the debate are in favor of crowdsourcing logo designing websites whereas others are against those websites for some reasons.

In order to conclude whether websites providing crowdsourcing logos are effective or not; we should perform a comparative analysis on efficacy and inefficacy of crowdsourcing logo designing websites, let’s begin doing it:

crowdsourcing logo

Authenticity: At first, we must analyze authenticity of crowdsourcing logo designers. Can you figure that out only by seeing sample logos on these websites? How can you guarantee that logos which you see on crowdsourcing websites are not copied from gallery of someone else? You can’teven know about the logo designer only by seeing sample logos on a crowdsourcing websites; therefore, authenticity of a crowdsourcing website is very tricky to analyze.

crowdsourcing logo

Portfolio: Creating a logo is not an easy job to do. Logo represents the face of your business and it is a logo that let the target audience realize what your business stands for. You should carefully analyze the portfolio of a crowdsourcing logo designing websites to realize the expertise of their logo designers. Would you like to hire a designer whose portfolio doesn’t satisfy you at all? Therefore, portfolio analysis of crowdsourcing websites is also very crucial. 

Uniqueness: Is there any guarantee that you will get a custom logo design once you acquire the services of a crowdsourcing logo designer? Logo designer with crowdsourcing experience won’t even hesitate to use a clipart image in your logo if money is more important to him/her than your business? Therefore, you must be in touch with your designer on a regular basis to ensure he/she designs a logo for you as per your specifications.

Conclusion: If you hire a professional logo design company; then, you can guarantee that you will receive a unique and high-quality logo though you have to pay more for it. If you acquire a crowdsourcing logo design service; then, there is no guarantee you will get what you desire; moreover, you may also let your money go to waste by acquiring a crowdsourcing service. It would have confirmed you that:

Acquiring Service of a Crowdsourcing Websites is a Cost-Ineffective Bargain