What Are The Factors That Influence The Cost Of A Logo Design?

How much should the cost of a logo design be?
What is the average cost for a logo design in the market?

These are the two questions that any new business man or entrepreneur will ask when designing a logo for his brand.

First of all, it is not a cost. It’s an investment in your brand.
Secondly, a logo design can cost you anywhere from a 10 dollars to a thousand. One of the cheapest ways to design a logo is to go for the free logo generators or makers that are easily available online. They cost almost next to nothing and are so easy to use that even a kid can make it. But of course, more than the advantages of such tools, there are disadvantages. They have a limited variety of text and images available and the output is cheap in quality.

They may be a lot of other options available as well, for creating a logo, but the bottom line is that nothing can give you as productive results as a professional logo designer would.
So what are the factors that influence the cost for logo design?
Here are some:

Brand Name Of The Logo Designer In The Market:

This is the most important feature that influences the cost of a logo design. How powerful is the brand name of the logo designing company? For any logo designing company, that is the most dominant pricing feature. If the company is very successful in the market, then it will of course charge more money than the one which is considerably less popular in the market. As far as the output is concerned, the powerful brand names may be providing great logos but that does not mean that the small companies don’t. Once an equal opportunity is given to the big and small brands, you can come up with a logo design company that provides quality output at less cost.

Meeting The Designers Face To Face Or Online:

If the logo designing company is based locally and you have the benefit of meeting them face to face, then they would probably cost you more than a company that is based online and their medium of communication of through the internet. That is because a lot of companies charge hourly and the more hours they spend with each individual client, the more it would charge the client. Face to face sessions with the designers may have the advantage of better understanding of branding needs through group sessions, but this is where the online designers take advantage. Less personal or group sessions mean that more than one client can be catered in that one hour that the logo designer would normally dedicate to one client if he is meeting him personally. So an online company would probably cost you less than a locally based company.

Location Of The Logo Design Company:

Where is the logo design company based? The location of the company has a critical influence on the cost of the logo designs. If a company is based in New York, then their logo would probably not cost less than 600 dollars. Whereas, for a company based in India, their average cost of logo design would probably be 60 to 100 dollars. That is because of the difference in the labor rates in both the countries. Labor rates in the US are higher than that of an Asian country. You can find some very good logo design companies in both these countries if you look properly.

Level Of Service Opted:

Different logo design companies offer different service levels or packages according to the customer’s budget and needs. If you opt for a package with less attributes, then of course it would cost you less than a package with more features. Even if you decide to go for a logo design company that is top class, you may always be able to find a package with less attributes that would cost you less. For a small company at the start of its career, getting the logo designed is the sole purpose, and even if you’re opting for a branded company, you can always find a considerably cheaper package there if you pick a package with fewer features.

I’m sure that this article has given you an insight on what are the important factors that influence the price of a logo design. This will provide you better assistance when you are trying to select a logo design company for your brand with a limited budget.