Is Logo Design Cheap A Black Sheep?

Looking for a cheap logo design? Can’t afford the high logo designer prices?

Then there may be a solution for you. Following are some of the ways through which you can create inexpensive logo design:

1. Cheap Logo Generators or Creators:

This must be the cheapest logo design way there is. If you search it online there are several logo generators or logo makers available online that can help you create a logo design for your brand cheap. A lot of the logo generators or makers are even free. This way to create a brand logo is usually pursued by those entrepreneurs who are new to the business world and do not have a lot of budget to be spent on the brand design logo.


  1. They’re cheap or free
  2. They’re easy to use
  3. There are tutorials available online to help the creator along the way


  1. The output is unprofessional and looks low quality.
  2. The images, fonts and effects are already predetermined so the logo design that is created is very common and holds no exclusiveness.
  3. The same images can be used by some other brand too as they are available for all.
  4. You cannot get creative with your logo design.
  5. There are a lot of copyright issues as the image templates offered are available to all.
low cost logo design

2. Logo design softwares:

Another low cost logo design way is to purchase the logo design softwares and create your own logos through there. There are many popular types of software available that can help you create your logo design. Some of the softwares are illustrator, CorelDraw etc.


  1. They can easily be purchased
  2. You can get creative with your logo design


  1. The output through the logo design softwares is not professional enough if not used correctly.
  2. You need to be highly proficient with drawing and computer application skills to use these softwares.
  3. These softwares are expensive as compared to the logo generators or creators.
  4. You need to have proper license to run them
low cost logo design

If there may be a lot of way for you to create low cost logo designs, but always remember, good things in life never come cheap. And if you’re going for the cheaper ways to create your brand image then you’re hurting it more than building it.

The best way to create a perfect image for your brand is to hire the logo design pros and let them do the job. They’re experts in the field and that expertise reflects in the logo designs that they create. There are a lot of logo designers available that can give your brand a beautiful face starting from just 59 dollars.

In conclusion, let me tell you this that if you go for logo design cheap, then your logo design will end up looking exactly that – cheap.