Business Card Logo DesignIdeas Made Simple

Are you a small business owner trying to create logo design business cards? Don’t know how to transform your brand logo onto a business card?
We have a few ideas!

For any brand, big or small, it is important to create a perfect brand logo as it is printed everywhere; from the products to the stationary. While creating a logo, it is important to make sure that the business card logo design looks good on all mediums of communication. You should put as much effort in designing company stationery logo design as much as effort is put in the logo itself.

A few simple ideas to create a good logo design for business cards are:

Business Cards Logo Design Ideas:

Business Cards Logo Design

1. Use Bigger Font Size And Smaller Brand Image In The Business Card     Logo:

If your brand logo has a big image, it is not always a good idea to use that same size image in your brand logo design and business cards logo design. Your business card needs to look professional and formal. So instead, use bigger font text and smaller brand image in the business card logo design and add a color coordinated border instead.

Business Cards Logo Design

2. If Your Brand Logo Has Initials, Why Not Use Only That In The Business     Card To Create Focus On The Business Card Logo?

While using your brand logo as a business card logo design, if there are initials in your brand logo, you can use only the brand initials in the business card. You don’t have to use the complete brand name in the letter logo, just add one or two letters in a slighter bigger. This adds an air so sophistication to the brand logo on the business card. Since the logo is bigger in size, it makes that more prominent and easily memorable for the viewers.

Business Cards Logo Design
Business Cards Logo Design

3. You Can Use The Existing Brand Logo’s Geometrical Shapes In Your     business card Logo:

Business Cards Logo Design

If your brand logo looks something like the paradox image beside; why not create a variation on the business logo. You may of course want to opt for the same orange background of you business card but another creative idea is to use the geometrical shapes and the hint of color in the business card instead.

Why not make a long orange rectangular on one side and add the brand logo image on the opposite side leaving ample space for text details in the middle?

Business Cards Logo Design

So here we are; a few basic ideas on how to transform your brand logo into a business card logo without losing its theme and originality. Even if you use a colorful background in your business card, make sure that the font color you use is clear and readable. Make sure that the business card and logo design colors complement each other to give your business card logos an attractive look.