Beverage Logo – Characterizes Your Refreshing Brand Identity

Have you ever wondered why Coca-Cola hits the top of the list of top 100 brands consecutively in a year? Did you ever try to find out the reason behind phenomenal success of beverages across the globe? The answer to each of these questions is: “Superior Branding”. Now, another question arises: How did those beverage brands successfully manage to portray a unique brand identity to their target audience? Let’s find it out by answering a few questions:

Beverage logos how to recognize

1. How do you recognize a beverage?

It is the beverage logo that let you recognize a certain beverage brand. Logo plays an effective role in brand recognition; that’s why you instantly recognize a particular beverage brand just by seeing the logo of that brand.    

Beverage logos how to recognize

2. How Do Beverage Logos Represent A Strong Brand Identity?

Of course, every beverage logo is not exceptional; nevertheless, beverage brands with strong positioning have successfully come up with a strong brand image. For instance, red and white color scheme in Coca-Cola logo is perfect for luring young minds.

Beverage logos how to recognize

3. Do Symbols Play Any Role To Promote A Particular Beverage Brand?

Symbols also aid a good deal in promoting the brand image of a beverage. For instance, coffee symbol following the extension of letter “N” in NESCAFE logo is perfect for depicting an INSTANT COFFEE SERVE.

Have you realized how important role a logo play in promotion of brand identity of beverage brands? In order to let you know a little more about the superior branding of beverage brands; here are a few characteristics which beverage logos share in common:

Beverage logos how to recognize
  • 1. Know Your Customer: If you carefully analyze a particular beverage logo; you will find out the target market of that brand. For example; two bulls fighting in Red Bull show passion and energy that is perfect for grabbing the attention of youngsters since youngsters are the target market of Red Bull.
Beverage logos how to recognize
  • 2. Know Your Product: Beverage brands know their product very well and logos of beverages also reflect this characteristic of beverage brands. For example; icicles in ICEE logo is perfect to depict the flagship product, ICEE as a frozen carbonated beverage.

Conclusion: Beverage brands have agreed with the fact that logo characterizes brand identity of a company; for the same reason, beverage brands have adopted logos which perfectly reflect their refreshing brand identity.