Best of the Best Logos of All Times

Acquiring a logo is the first step of business branding; however, just acquiring it won’t do enough for business owners to establish their brand image. In simple words, many factors should be considered by business owners including font style, font size, colors and icons in reference to their business if they really want to acquire a best logo design for their business. Let’s analyze five best of the best logo of all times to find out more on best logo designs:

1. Recycling Logo

Recycling Logo is an internationally recognized symbol for designating recyclable material. Initially, recycling symbol was designed by a 23 year-old college student, GARY ANDERSON in a contest sponsored by Chicago-based Container Corporation of America (CCA) who eventually won that contest. CCA modified Anderson’s design and countless variants of recycling logo exist today. Green Color in recycling logo is perfect for depicting renewal phenomenon of recycling.  

2. FedEx Logo

FedEx Logo represents syllabic abbreviation of FedEx Corporation’s original air division, “Federal Express”. Initially, the logo was designed by Richard Runyon in 1973; however, LINDON LEADER modified it in 1994 and got the credit for producing one of the best logo redesigns ever. Lindon achieved designing of a Hidden Right-Pointing Arrow in WHITE SPACE between letters “E” and “X” of FedEx logo to successfully portray the speed and precision of FedEx Corporation.      

3. Coca-Cola Logo

Logo of Coca-Cola, the best brand of the world was created by FRANK MASON ROBINSON who also formulated the name, Coca-Cola by writing the name of brand in SPENCERIAN SCRIPT. Coca-cola logo incorporates best logo colours to lure minds of the youth. In addition to best logo colors scheme of red and white in Coca-Cola, the logo simplicity also aid Coke fans to recognize the brand wherever they see the name, Coca-Cola.

4. Nike Logo

Why won’t anyone recognize the swoosh mark logo of Nike? The famous swoosh of Nike was designed by CAROLYN DAVIDSON in 1971 who was a graphic design student of Portland University at that time. Logo of Nike represents Wings of the Greek Goddess of Victory. Simplicity of the brand mark has also made it easier for Nike fans to recognize the brand wherever, they see it.

5. Apple Logo

At first, the logo of Apple Inc. was designed by RONALD WAYNE in 1976 as an Inspiration to Newton’s Law of Gravity. ROB JANOFF in 1977 came up with the Rainbow Logo for Apple Inc. with a bite missing from it. Although, the logo was recognized worldwide but Steve Jobs was criticized for humanizing the name of company with a rainbow logo. In 1998, Apple Inc. finally came up with a Monochrome Logo that is recognized worldwide till today.

Conclusion: What have you learned throughout the above discussion? Whether you need to create best logo fonts or best logo size to portray an exclusive brand identity for your business; you must go for the best logo designers who can design your logo at a fair price. Who knows: Your brand identity might be next to be included in the list of best of the best logo of all times!