The Ugly, the Good and the Bad Logo Design Examples

A logo is a brand’s face so for any company, it is extremely important to create the right type of logo to represent their brand. Not all brand logos that are created are successful. Some make the most basic error and become a failure.

Let’s take a look at what have been the good, the bad and the ugly of the logo designing world.

The good, the bad and the ugly in the world of logo designs:

In the world of Logo colors:

The good:

A cool logo design should not have more than 3 colors in the logo design. The logo will start looking like a rainbow otherwise. A good logo consists of minimum colors in the logo design with a complementing background. You should choose colors for the background through which your logo design is enhanced instead of being subdued. Take a look at the below picture. The logo colors used here are less and sophisticated and the background color makes the logo prominent.

cool logo design

The bad:

What is wrong with the below logo? Is it that there are too many colors used in the logo? Is it that the logo background is a contrasting color instead of a complementing one? Or is it all of the reasons?

Yes, you guessed it. It’s everything. Too many colors, too loud background and just plain neon shades are making this logo BAD.


The ugly:

It hurts even to look at this logo, let alone talk about it. Simply, everything is wrong with this logo. There are too many colors used which basically repels you from the whole logo. This logo is just plain ugly. If the background had been kept in a single solid color, then the impact might not have been so blinding.


In the world of Logo text:

The good:

The fonts used here are straight and very easily readable on a single view. Some of the most successful logos use font styles that are straight and formal instead of being curvy or curly as the former is easier to read than the latter. This makes it a cool logo design.


The bad:

This logo may not have been so bad if the fonts weren’t so close together. It is true that the fonts that have been used here are appropriate for its target market but putting them so close together completely diminishes its readability.


The ugly:

Can you tell what this logo is saying?
This logo says SYLWIA; pretty hard to understand, right? This logo was a huge failure as it denies the most basic rule of logo designing, that is that the logo text should be readable. It makes this logo just plain ugly.


In the world of Logo images:

1. Are the logo images simple enough to understand?

The good:
A good logo image is easy to understand and comprehend. The customer should not have to take more than a few seconds to understand what the logo is saying to him.


The bad
The use of too many shapes used together makes this logo very difficult to comprehend. Even if all these shapes were used together in a smart manner, the logo would have retained its readability, but now the logo is just too complicated to understand. This makes it a bad logo design.


The ugly:


2. Does your logo image relate to your business nature?

The good:
The logo image can show added features of the brand or at least show an image that helps understands your business nature better. The genie and film image for Movie Magix adds a more magical touch to the logo, the right image for a movie company.


The bad:
If the words homes and remodeling weren’t there, it would have been very difficult to know that this is the logo of an architectural business. The logo is not at all innovative for a company that deals with creativity and imagination.


The ugly:
Instead of giving a positive feel of the brand, this logo is actually doing the opposite. Will you want to do business with a brand with a logo like that?


Hence, to conclude it is important to use the right kind of image, text and colors in your brand logo so that it creates the right image of your brand. Learn lessons from the ugly and the bad logo designs so that you would not repeat the mistakes that they have done.