How Different Businesses Use different 3D Logo Design?

Want to make your logo look imaginative and yet real? Why not use a 3D Logo Design?

Using 3Dlogos is the latest trend nowadays. Logo Design 3d makes the images so real that people feel that they can actually touch them. The more realistic they are, the more impressive they become. They’re creative and yet simple. Plus, they come in all sorts of patterns and designing varieties.

There may be a lot of 3d logo design online, but choosing the right one to represent your brand can be a tricky business.

Let’s see how you can use 3D logo design in your business:

Let’s see how different businesses use different 3d logo design:

1. How The Corporate Companies Use 3D:

This is one of the most basic styles of 3d logos. It is most suitable for corporate companies as they give the brand a very corporate professional look. Dark background is most suited when going for the corporate look but font style can be varied according to the nature of the business and company’s preferences.

2. Are you a designer or an architect or in the media industry? Let’s see how     you can use 3D:

The swirly fonts and images make the logo look artistic and imaginative. They are perfect if your business is related to creativity and innovation. They are also one of the most versatile designs as they allow the creator to explore the world of 3d using swirly images and text as he pleases. If you are a dress designer, or an architect or even part of the media industry, then this is the style for you.

3. Do You Own An Online Book Shop Or A Social Media Website? Why Not Go     For 3D Paper Folds?

The new trend seen this season is the use of 3d paper folds. These are most suited for social media websites and online book sites. The page-turning like effect add an air of articulateness to the logo. All types of colors can be used, as long they are not too contrasting but different tones of colors is used in the same logo. For example, the fold it logo below has a lighter tone of color in the top left side of the logo.

4. Does Your Brand Target Children? Here’s The Perfect Style For You:

Origami styles add an air of reality and imagination to the logo at the same time. This style is most appropriate for representing art or when targeting children for any business. The colors mostly used are blues, greens and purples and the background is usually kept neutral to keep the focus on the origami image.

5. Do You Own A Bakery Or Coffee Shop? Why Not Use 3D Illustrations?

3D illustrations make the logo look imaginative and add an informal cozy look to it. If you’re planning to open your own cake or flower shop or your own coffee shop, this is the perfect style for you.

6. Are you a photographer? Here’s the perfect style for you:

Using real life like images in 3d logos is a very creative but understated style. This can prove quite risky of the right type of colors and text is not used to harmonize the whole logo affect. While using photographs in 3d logos, make sure that no more than 3 colors are used and they are not contrasting. The background should be kept simple and subtle. For a photography business, this style can be perfect.

So, pick the perfect style for your business and add the awe-inspiring 3d effect to your brand.