What’s Hot and what’s Not In Logo Design 2010?

2010 has been a busy year for logo creators. Logo design 2010 saw a lot of new trends were seen. Creativity and innovation were the subjects of the year. Even though the overall theme of the logos was kept at minimal, the creators used the white space and text wisely. The fonts chosen were readable and backgrounds were kept in one solid color. This turned some of the initial logo design into premium logo design.
Some of the 2010 logo design:

1. Logo font styles:

What’s Hot? – Straight font style:

Curly fonts styles were out and straight, professional fonts were the ‘in’ logo design trends 2010. The text used had kept its readability and was kept at a minimal. Some of the font styles that have been popular in 2010 are as follows:

logo design 2010
logo design 2010
logo design 2010
logo design 2010
logo design 2010
logo design 2010

What’s Not? – Curly font Styles:

Curly and swirly fonts are out of fashion and designers have not been seen using them last year.

Curlz MT

French Script MT

Blackadder ITC

2. Logo Images:

a. What’s Hot? - Use of animal’s illustrations:

One of the best logo design 2010 idea that was seen quite a lot last year, was the use of animal illustrations in logo designs. Animal illustrations have a tendency to appeal to the customers’ material instinct and thus were a well-liked trend last year. Whether the business was a software house or a coffee shop, use of animals had a big contribution in making a cute logo design.

logo design 2010logo design 2010logo design 2010logo design 2010logo design 2010

What’s Not? -  Clipart Images:

Use of animal photos or clipart animals for logos is out and is not the trend any longer.

logo design 2010logo design 2010logo design 2010

b. What’s Hot? – Use of Origami:

Use of origami was another trend that was observed last year. Origami art has the quality of looking innovative and imaginative and yet they look real enough to touch. Since technology is moving so fast nowadays and there is a new trend every season, customers really enjoyed the touch of reality in the logo designs. This is definitely an innovative logo design.

logo design 2010  logo design 2010logo design 2010

c. What’s Not? – Use of one-dimensional images:

In 2010, use of one dimensional picture is now a vintage logo design idea.

logo design 2010 logo design 2010

3. Logo theme:

a. What’s Hot?  - Use of small smart images:

Last year, less was more and that is a trend that is expected to continue in 2011 as well.  Logos with a small smart image have been popular.

logo design 2010logo design 2010

What’s Not? – Use of big bold images:
Logos with big bold prints and a lot of color is out for good.

logo design 2010

b. What’s Hot? – Smart use of empty spaces with concealed messages:

One unique logo design idea is having concealed messages in logo images and using the white space smartly. Look at the picture below. Doesn’t it look like a Spartan headgear? This is actually a golf club’s logo and this is a man with a golf club in his hand in the picture. Do you see the image of the two ducks? If you observe carefully, there is actually a wine glass shape between the two ducks’ beaks. Also notice the woman with long hair in the third logo beside the horse.

logo design 2010logo design 2010logo design 2010

What’s Not? – No hidden messages in empty spaces:

Having simple images with no concealed messages in the blank space is definitely out for good.

logo design 2010

To conclude, the best and award winning logo design 2010 were text with of straight font styles and one colored background. Some of the popular image styles this year were the use of animal illustrations and origami. And use of white space to put in hidden messages was also the rage in 2010. Looks like these few trends are here to stay.