Top 10 Rock Band Logo

A rock band is incomplete without having a rock & roll logo. Your success would count productive only if you portray a good image to your audience. Therefore, classic logos of bands reflect their music genres and personalities in style.

Professionals design band logos in such a manner that the pop band logos impose long-lasting impact over their listeners. What makes us remember a top cool band is its great logo, in general.

Are you familiar with the fact that good bands opt for a custom logo? It’s the logo of a rock band that grants a new look to the band. Let’s review the top 10 rock band logos of all times to understand the fact, why bands prefer cool logos:

30 Seconds To Mars Logo

30 Seconds to Mars Logo:

The popular band “30 Seconds to Mars” logo represents 4 symbols that signify what the band is all about. 1st symbol at the top right of the logo has two 3s entwined to represent 30, 2nd symbol is a timer to represent time in seconds, 3rd symbol has 3 lines with a line in centre demonstrating the travel and 4th symbol is the planet Mars. Summing up the four symbols convey band’s motto i.e. “Launch forth into the deep”.

Linkin Park Logo

Linkin Park Logo:

Linkin Park, the American rock band gained international reputation with its debut album “Hybrid Theory”. Their next studio albums “Meteora” and “Minutes to Midnight” further boosted Linkin Park’s popularity. The band named itself as Linkin Park after Santa Monica’s Lincoln Park. That’s what the stencil style logo of Linkin Park portrays.

Marilyn Manson Logo

Marylyn Manson Logo:

Marylyn Manson, the American rock band was founded by Brian Warner and Scott Putesky. The rock band advocates two elements; non-conformism and iconoclasm and that’s what the 2 Ms in the great logo of Marylyn Manson depicts.

Disturbed Logo

Disturbed Logo:

The logo of rock band, “Disturbed” is a combination of 4 religious symbols i.e. Star of David (Jewish faith), the Christian Cross, Wicca (the most common symbol for the Pagans) and Crescent moon (the symbol of Islam). The symbols united in the logo are meant to deliver the message peace for all.

Emerson Lake And Palmer Logo

Emerson Lake and Palmer Logo:

The entire logo of the rock band, Emerson Lake and Palmer is letter-based. There are 3 letters in the logo and each letter is used to indicate each member of the band. The letter ’E’ for Keith Emerson (keyboard player), ‘L’ for Greg Lake (guitarist and vocalist) and ‘P’ for Carl Palmer (drummer) is used to show that the popular band completes when the 3 join together.

Led Zeppelin Logo

Led-Zeppelin Logo:

LED-ZEPPELIN, the famous rock band logo has 4 symbols. Each symbol in the logo represents each member. The feather in a circle is symbol for Robert Plants to display courage. 3 ovals interlocking the circle is the symbol for John Paul Jones to display unity. 3 interlocking circles is a symbol for John Bonham’s and depict the trilogy (man-woman and child) while the 4th symbol; ‘Zoso’ for Jimmy Page is yet a mystery, designed by Jimmy Page himself.

Metallica Logo

Metallica Logo:

The spiky style logo of the rock band “Metallica” has been cast in metal, rendered in marble to represent the heavy metal rock band “Metallica” in style. The first letter ‘M’ and the last letter ‘A’ has jerky rhythm while the letters in middle have a block appearance except the middle letter ‘A’ i.e. leaning up against ‘L’.

Rolling Stones Logo

Rolling Stones Logo:

The credit for designing the “Tongue and Lips logo” for the popular rock band “Rolling Stones” goes to John Pasche. Pasche said that he designed the tongue and lips logo as an eventual inspiration after meeting Mick Jagger for the first time. Keeping the size of Mick’s tongue and lips in mind, Pasche designed the famous logo for “Rolling Stones”, although; some people believe that the rolling stone logo is an inspiration from the Hindu goddess “Kali”.

The Beatles Logo

The Beatles Logo:

Popular rock band, “The Beatles” iconic drop T logo based on an impromptu was designed by Ivor Arbiter in 1963 when the Beatles bought a drum kit on shop that he owned and the band wanted its name to be placed on kit, so, he hastily designed the logo. Although, the Beatles had a success story for themselves but their logo isn’t quite appealing as their music.

Van Halen Logo

Van Halen Logo:

The line extended on either side of the letters ‘V’ &‘H’ in the logo is forming a sphere of energy. The letter based logo wonderfully portrays the name of a popular band “Van Halen” in style.

You would have realized from the review of top rock band logos that each and every logo symbolizes something special and is used to signify the essence of the band’s music and its focus.

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