Top 5 Types of Logo Signage – Portraying your Brand Identity

Many small business owners completely ignore the importance of a signage while some may give it a little importance. Regardless of their thinking, small business owners should realize that potential customers judge the quality of a business through signs of a company. As signage are the logos that display your business quality; therefore, they have to be designed very carefully in order to make a potential customer interact with your company.

Here are the top 5 types of logo signage that small business owners should consider:

1. Building Mounted Signage


As the name suggests, these are the signs usually attached to a building. These signs tell your customers about the place where you are located and provides them the sense of your branding. There are many ways to use building mounted signage; here are a few of those:

i.            They can be used on fascia of a building.

ii.            Such signs may be erected on rooftop of a building.

iii.            You may display the sign on the windows of a building.

2. Freestanding Signage


Freestanding signs are the signs that stand free on the road. The purpose those signs serve for is the same as that of a building mounted sign; however they give you a clue about a particular location. If your freestanding sign is playing the role of advertising sign; then it needs to be clear and visible so that customers can search your location and buy the products of their desire at your shop.

3. Changeable Copy Reader Boards Signage


Signs with changeable and removable letters fall in the category of Changeable Copy Reader Boards. Electronic notice board is also the part of such signage. Such type of a logo signage is one of the best to use as it suits your budget and lets you communicate about different offers to the customers. As the category follow low cost advertising, hence it is ideal for small business owners to use.

4. Interior Signage


Though interior signage is too common but many business owners fail to realize the importance of having such signs. These signs usually follow rules and regulations of a business however some of these signage feature everyday activities. No smoking, this way or food stuff symbols are the part of this category. Your interior signage lets your customers judge about your business potentials.

5. Wearable Signage


Wearable signage is also very common among general public. You may see such sign in the form of a name badge, imprinted t shirts, wrist bands, dog tags or tattoos. The most common wearable signage is a wearable digital signage that involves a name badge. As name badge represents the company that you work for; hence, you should behave graciously while dealing with your customers to portray good image of your company.

You would have understood how important the logo signage is for a business. Logo signage portrays your brand image to the audience. It communicates important information about your brands. As a logo signage gives the first impression of your brand to the customers; thus, it really needs to be of high quality.

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