Logo is the mark of a business that symbolizes what you serve for. Logo is your business identity; therefore, you need it to be very strong so that your customers can judge the nature of your business and find out the quality of goods/services that you provide. Characteristics of an effective logo lie within 5 elements; therefore, you must ensure that your business identity is designed well in accordance with logo elements.

Here are the 5 elements of logos that you should know about:

1. Style:

Style includes text and textures, so, it should be designed in such a way that customers never forget the design once they see it. Logo of IBM is one of the greatest examples of style.

2. Uniqueness:

Uniqueness is one of those elements of logos design that play the key role in promotion of brands. It let your business to be differentiated from your customers. LG logo portrays the logo elements of uniqueness.

3. Inspiration:

Your logo should be designed in such a way that it gets eyes of your customers to be caught as soon as they see your logo. Chevrolet logo is the great example of an inspiration.

4. Message:

Message is also one of the most essential elements of logos as it’s the message in a logo design that communicates with your customers. Logo of amazon.com is one of the best examples of portraying business message to customers.

5. Legibility:

Why would customers interact with you if your logo design is not legible? Legibility is an important aspect of a logo design, that’s why; you see most of the logos in bold typefaces. General Electric logo is a great example of legibility.

Other than preceding elements, colors and icons also play a kind of role in logo designs however; it’s necessary to design every logo with icons and range of colors. A black and white logo designed with simplicity in accordance with the preceding 5 elements would also stand out amongst audience, so, it’s better to avoid extra elements of logos design. It would not only lower down your cost but also let you have a unique logo design.   

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